Chirping and Wiggling

I finished yesterday’s task today. It took a while to get the sound file to work, but Romibo now chirps occasionally when you pet him. (The chirp is really loud though – will work on a way to change volume). I added and fine-tuned a couple head movement functions in the RomiboRobot library. A new one is wiggle()- a slight movement of each head motor to give another response to petting.

Mr. McLaughlin, QoLT Lead Ambassador, lent me an old smartphone that I cleaned up today. It would be interesting to see if the camera could be used to do some image processing and track faces. I have experience with OpenCV in iOS development, so I did some research into using it with an Android phone, like the one he gave me. It does not have a front facing camera, so it would not be feasible to track facing the front. But the introduction of a smartphone opens up a lot of possibilities. I also started taking a look at the iPad application and cleaning up its interface.


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  1. jfmclaugh says:

    The ladies at JAA will love it when Romibo does new tricks! No surprise about the old smartphone- it just doesn’t have the bells and whistles new ones have.

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